Powering the new Technology for Beef production in Brazil

Pre-Sale ENDS 15 February 2022

Token Price:
1 SVR = $0.12
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Investment To The Future Business Technology

The productivity of cattle farms in Brazil is low causing many problems including deflorestation.

Our hardware provides monitoring of the weight of the herd so the farmers can get better results and in addition to other best practices can produce more beef in a smaller area

We are raising funds to speedup the development of the hardware using the SVR token that will be backed by our technology.


Benefits for Token Holders


Unique Oportunity

Crypto Investment backed by a company exploring real demand of an unexplored market


Environmental Conciousnes

Help protect the rain forest using technology


Rights to Royalties

Token owners will receive Royalties from revenue of the business.

Pre-Sale & Values

Start Time
15/01/2022 08:00 UTC
Tokens for sale:
10,000,000 (100%)
End Time :
15/02/2022 08:00 UTC
Available Token :

Road Map

Dec, 2021

We are currently deploying the product (In progress)

Jan, 2022
Production MVP 2

Start production order of the the second version of the hardware

Jan, 2022
Ico Begins

Start the token offering

Feb, 2022
Team augmentation

With the raised funds start augment the team to continue R&D, validate MVP2 and app development.

May, 2022
Testing and Homologation

Submit the hardware to homologation by the Brazilian Telecommunications Agency(ANATEL) and The National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO)

Jun, 2022
Production Rampup

Submit production order of the first batch units.

July, 2022
Official Release

Increase marketing efforts and start pre-sales of the first units.

Team Member

Diego Freitas
Founder - Data Scientist
Fernando Supi
Founder - Sofware Enginner
Alexandre Ribeiro
Eletronic Enginner

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a blockchain project

No. Although we intend to provide provenance for beef supply chain, we are focused to finish the hardware.

Why most of the tokens are available for the initial offering?

We are raising funds to speedup the on-going development of the project. Our primary business model is selling hardware and monetize the data collected by it.

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